Bhutan-Haa Summer Festival Tour (Jul 1 – 7, 2015)

Bhutan Trip – 7 days/ 6 nights (Jul 1 – 7, 2015)

Haa Summer Festival Tour

Set among pristine lakes and high alpine valleys, the Haa summer festival is a lively and uplifting celebration of traditional living-culture, nomadic lifestyles, unique Bhutanese cuisine, traditional sports and religious performances.

It provides unparalleled insight into the lives and traditions of Bhutan’s nomadic herders. Immerse yourself in this one of a kind experience by playing the local sports, sampling the delicious home-cooked cuisine and enjoying traditional songs and dances all while imbibing the heady local liquor (Ara).

With its pristine forests and rugged hills Haa is an excellent location to enjoy some of the best hiking to be found in the Himalayas. Walk along centuries old trails through mountain slopes covered in Primula Pedicularis, Ranaculus, Aster and several varieties of ferns. You’ll lose yourself amidst fields of white poppies, dense forests of fir trees and crystalline streams brimming with rainbow trout.
At the Haa Summer festival you will be able to see the rare White Poppy (Meconopsis superba). This flower typically grows to 1-1.5m in height at high altitudes around 4000m. The White Poppy is endemic to Haa and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Please Note : This is a proposed program for your tour to Bhutan. Ours guides are senior, well trained & experienced to enhance the tour program to your best interest and give you one of the fondest memories as you leave our Kingdom. If you want to change or add anything on your itinerary, the management will be more than happy to customize a more suitable program for you.

Your program includes;  Haa Festival, Culture, Photography, Textile, Nature, Pilgrimage, Adventure, Lifestyle and etc. If there are any unscheduled events happening around the kingdom, we would certainly add that in your itinerary when you arrive here.

Bhutan Festival & Cultural Expedition…

Bhutan Tsechu 

Day 1 (Jul 1, Wed) : Arrive Paro International Airport by Flight

Welcome to Bhutan “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” As you touch down, you will be received by your guide and driver with tashi khada at the airport and driven to the resort for welcome refreshment & briefing on your tour program. (Please note; your itinerary shall be flexible and your guide shall give you options based on your interest, if needed)

Paro Sights & Acclimatization Day!

National Museum

  • Visit the National Museum to get the glimpses of the Bhutanese culture & history.
  • Rinpung Dzong meaning “fortress of the heap of jewels.”
  • After lunch, a leisurely drive to Drugyel dzong (a ruined victory fortress located 16km from Paro town.
  • On the way back, get blessing at the oldest temple of the kingdom – Kichu lhakhang.
  • Witness an archery match played by locals with lots of hue & cry!
  • Walk around Paro town

Overnight Paro/ Hotel Gangtey Palace 3*. (Alt; 2280m)

Day 2 (Jul 2, Thu) : Paro to Punakha & Wangdue (128km/ 4.5hr)

  • After breakfast walk on the ancient bridge to Tamchok Lhakhang built by the famous Iron Chain Man 600 years ago. Some of his descendents still lives in that place.  
  • En route stop by Dochula pass ( 3150m) to enjoy spectacular views of the eastern Himalayan mountain range.
  • Visit Thinleygang School in Thinleygang village. Talk to the students and visit their class.
  • After lunch, visit Punakha Dzong, “Palace of the Great Happiness”. This beautiful fortress lies between two rivers, the Pochu and Mochu, male and female river.
  • In evening, hike to Chimi lhakhang, a solitary “fertility temple” where a childless couple who comes to pray is usually blessed with a child.

Overnight Punakha/ Meri Puensum Resort 3*. (Alt; 1240m)

Day 3 (Jul 3, Fri) :  Thimphu Cultural Sightseeing (78km/ 3hr)

  • After breakfast, drive to Thimphu, a charming capital city nestled in the heart of the Himalayas.
  • National Library where ancient manuscripts are preserved. They also have on display the largest Picture Book on Bhutan in the world.
  • Zorig Chusum “School for Thirteen Traditional Arts and Crafts” followed by a visit to Textile Museum.
  • Drive to Buddha Gang, which offers the best city-view of Thimphu. This giant Buddha-statue overlooking Thimphu is one of the biggest in the world.
  • In evening, explore the bustling city on foot; Hongkong market, Norzin lam, Main traffic area, Wogzin lam, Clock tower etc.
  • Dinner in gho and kira (national dress) with private cultural show consisting of mask dance, traditional and nomadic dances.

Overnight Thimphu/ Migmar Hotel 4*. (Alt; 2320m)

Day 4 (Jul 4, Sat) : Tango Chari Holy Excursion

  • After breakfast, visit Sangay-gang and see the Takin, national animal of Bhutan. This hill is also called the “romantic point” as lovers often come here to enjoy the panoramic view of the Thimphu valley.
  • Drive & hike to the picturesque Tango monastery situated in a solitary hill amidst forest. (1.5hrs hike round trip). The “Ney” primal pilgrim spot has a mesmerizing aura.
  • Picnic lunch will be arranged along the nature trail.
  • Hike further to Chari gomba glued to the rocky cliff 300m above the river valley. This 12th century Chari gomba is the most sought-after meditational retreat centre for the monks in the kingdom. (1.5hr hike round trip).
  • Visit the holy shrines, and spend some time meditating.
  • On the way back visit, Tashichhoe Dzong, the main secretariat building, the office of the King and Throne room and also the house of the State Monastic Body.
  • Farmer’s Weekend Market & Craft Bazaar; Good place to try organic fruits & shop for souvenir..
  • Evening at your leisure…free to shop!
  • After dinner; night club and Drayang (traditional Bhutanese pub with live singers), Optional.

Overnight Thimphu/ Migmar Hotel 4*..

Day 5 (Jul 5, Sun) : Haa Summer Festival & Getaway (115km/ 3.5hr)

  • In morning, circumambulate the famous Memorial Stupa in Thimphu and then drive on the beautiful countryside to Haa valley, happiest district of the kingdom on the beautiful.
  • On arrival, attend the the Haa Summer Festival (tsechu). Hundreds of villagers gather in their finest ghos & kiras (national dress) to witness the auspicious event which consist of various mask dances, folk music, spiritual drama, funny Atsara and more.
  • There would be series of ceremonies and unique displays of shops and culture from the nomads, people from the east and east.  After picnic lunch, drive to the pristine Haa valley which was closed to the outsider till 2001.
  • Visit the remote monasteries below mountain peaks like the temple of Black Dove.
  • In evening, walk around the peaceful local town of Haa and talk to villagers.

Overnight Haa/ Risum Resort 3* (Alt; 2670m)

Day 6 (Jul 6, Mon) : Excursion to Tiger’s Nest

  • Wholesome breakfast drive to Chelela pass (3,810m) & enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Mt. Chomolhari (7134m) and the eastern Himalayas.
  • On arrival, spend the day hiking up the forested path to Taktsang Monastery, also known as Tiger’s Nest,

Bhutan’s most famous and scenic icon. Tiger’s Nest clings to sheer cliffs of 900m above Paro valley. The climb is steep and takes about 4-5hrs round trip. (Ponies & horses optional; fees not included)

  • Lunch at the hillside cafe with close Tiger’s Nest view.
  • In evening, authentic Bhutanese style farewell dinner at a typical village home with local liquor called “Ara.”
  • Hot stone bath, optional. River rocks are heated and dunked into a large wooden tub with herbs. This type of bath is considered to have medicinal properties of healing. Overnight Paro/ Tashi Namgay Resort 3* (Alt;2280m)

Day 7 (Jul 7, Tue) : Departure from Paro International Airport

Our representative will bid you farewell at the Airport. Tashi Delek!

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