Source of the Ganges Trek 18 days

Source of the Ganges Trek


Region: Garhwal Mountains of Uttarakhand

Duration: 18 days

Max. Altitude: 3890 meters

Season: May through October

Level: Moderate

Trekking Route

Delhi – Mussoorie – Uttarkashi – Gangotri – Churabasa or Bhajbossa – Gaumukh – Tapovan – Nandavan – Vasuki Tal – Gaumukh – Gangotri –Uttarkashi – Rishikesh – Delhi

The Garwhal Himalayas, said to be the “Abode of the Gods”, are some of the most beautiful and sacred mountains in the India: the source of the Ganges can be found within this mountain range. One of the highlights of this trek is the Gaumukh (literally, the “cow’s mouth”), the source of the Ganges itself, with the flowered alpine meadow of Tapovan stretched out nearby and surrounded by high mountain peaks.

Day 01:

Arrival in Delhi, where guests will be met by company representatives and check in to a hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 02:

Train ride to the popular hill station of Moussoorie, followed be an overnight hotel stay.

Day 03:

Free day in Moussoorie to explore the area on horseback or go shopping for antiques at its famous mall. Stay overnight at a hotel in Moussoorie.

Day 04:

Drive though the panoramic mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas, then descend into the Bhagirathi valley for stay in Uttarkashi overnight.

Day 05:

Travel through more spectacular scenery to arrive at the holy town of Gangotri and stay overnight there in a hotel.

Day 06:

Take a day off to explore Gangotri, a holy town set in a glacial valley and surrounded by heavy forests. It is home to many temples and ashrams that guests may visit. Stay overnight in Gangotri hotel.

Day 7:

The trek begins at Gangotri then leads through both forests and meadows to wind up at Bhojbasa, where trekkers will stay overnight in tents.

Day 8:

This well-travelled pilgrim route leads through fields of wildflowers, the highlight of the trip being the Gaumukh. Trekkers will camp on a moraine nearby.

Day 9:

The trail now takes trekkers over the glacier and then sharply upwards, to the alpine meadows of Tapovan, where the group will camp in a grassy highland field.

Day 10:

The day’s trek will lead up to the magnificent Kirti Barnak Glacier, then back down again to the meadow for an overnight stay in the tents.

Day 11:

A trail leads up a steep path from Tapovan to the base of Mt. Meru. Guests will return to Tapovan to camp.

Day 12:

An exciting and strenuous crossing of the Gangotri Glacier will lead to the meadows of Nandavan, where trekkers will camp at the base of the Bhagirathi massif.

Day 13:

The highlight of the day’s walk is the Vasuki Tal Lake and the Chaturangi Glacier, which offers spectacular views of Mt. Satopanth. Trekkers will spend a second night at Nandavan.

Day 14:

Day 14 will find trekkers crossing the glacier again to visit the Gomukh, or mouth of the Ganges River, located at the snout of the glacier.

Day 15:

Trekkers will retrace steps to Gangotri, then drive to Uttarkashi and spend the night there in tents.

Day 16:

Group will drive from Uttarkashi to Rishikesh.

Day 17:

Group will drive to the train station at Haridwar, then take the train to Delhi and stay overnight in a hotel.

Day 18:

Trekkers will fly out of Delhi airport according to their individual flight schedules.

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